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Educational Content on Diabetes

The below educational material was created to address diabetes, diabetes management and support caregivers. Produced specifically to incorporate the Middle East and Africa and its cultural attribute with regards to diabetes, make sure to re-visit this page as our content will be frequently updated.


Man Talk

Intimacy concerns, emotions and physical changes men living with diabetes may encounter or experience.

Get the Low-down on Hypos

Learn more about hypoglycemia and how to over come low blood sugar levels.

Eight Numbers You need to know for Diabetes

A summary of what you should know about Diabetes whether you are living with diabetes or you are a caregiver.

Diabetes in Hajj & Umrah

Recommendations on how to manage your diabetes during Hajj pilgrimage.

The Story of Diabetes Kids

Some pointers on how to manage your child's everyday life with diabetes.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

More on Gestational diabetes: causes, risks and treatment.

What is SMBG

Why is self monitoring of blood glucose results important and what role does it play in managing diabetes.

The Story of Diabetes

An introduction to Diabetes: types, symptoms, complications, care plans and everything related to Diabetes 101.


Ramadan & Diabetes

How to practice Ramadan safely when you have diabetes

Carbohydrate Counting User Manual

An Introduction into Carb Counting and Insulin Dosing