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Parents are pumped up

Because severe hypoglycemia and health risks are down.

As any parent of a child with diabetes knows, low blood glucose episodes (hypoglycemia) can be sudden and frightening.

The good news: Insulin pump therapy has been shown to significantly decrease severe hypoglycemia in youth. Recent studies showed that adolescents and young children on insulin pump therapy had over 50% fewer episodes.1,2

Today’s children with diabetes also have the opportunity for better blood glucose control than any generation before.

A research study reported in Pediatric Diabetes showed that, compared to multiple daily insulin shots, children on insulin pump therapy for 12 months significantly and consistently lowered their A1C levels3. Many diabetes-related health problems—such as eye, kidney and heart disease—are the result of high levels of blood glucose affecting organs over time. So doctors are encouraged that today’s young diabetes patients can achieve consistent, lower blood sugar levels from an early age, that can continue for a lifetime.

When their blood sugar isn’t spiking up and down, kids feel better throughout the day, which helps active kids do all the things they like to do.

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