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So why pump?

How about more freedom...

With an Accu-Chek® insulin pump, you can eat what you want when you want, without a lot of food/insulin “juggling.”

Better health…

Health risks are reduced by up to 76%

The precise insulin doses that you can achieve with a pump can lead to less fluctuation in blood sugar readings, better A1C readings, and a reduced risk of major health issues like stroke, kidney disease, heart attacks and eye damage.1,2 Even a 1% improvement in your A1C score greatly reduces your risk of diabetes complications.3

And a life more like one without diabetes.

People with diabetes on insulin injections are like Boy Scouts. They always have to be prepared. And, while wearing an

Accu-Chek insulin pump system doesn’t mean you can throw out your emergency kit, pump therapy can help keep you prepared without the inconvenience of shots. Instead of having to stop what you’re doing to take shots, an Accu-Chek insulin pump system helps automate your insulin therapy and keeps you going all day long.

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