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Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps provide insulin to your body 24 hours a day. A basal, or background, rate is delivered automatically based on your total daily insulin requirements. You can also give yourself a bolus insulin dose to cover the food you eat, as well as supplemental doses to correct your blood sugar when it is out of range. Your healthcare professional will help you determine your rates and dosages.

Under the care of a healthcare professional, insulin pump users can go to school or work, sleep and even play sports with the pump. At night, it can be clipped to sleepwear, a blanket or tucked under your pillow.

Insulin pump users can take their pumps off to swim, bathe or shower or to participate in physical activity. If the pump is off the body for less than an hour, simply test your blood sugar when you reconnect and take the necessary steps outlined by your healthcare team. Check with your healthcare professional if you must be disconnected for more than an hour.

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