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Accu-Chek Performa Red

Item Description

The meter that thinks for itself!

The new Accu-Chek Performa offers great performance due to its intelligent safety checks. The Performa technology enables a precise interaction of meter, test strip and safety chip. With each measurement the system checks various factors that may influence the result and reacts accordingly. Amongst them are:

  • Under-dosing detection
  • Temperature and humidity compensation
  • Strip expiry check
  • Strip damage check
  • Hypo warning
Product Manuals

Benefits and features
  • Intelligent safety checks. To make you receive dependable test results and avoid wasting test strips the meter performs a range of quality control tests and corrections including:
    • Temperature (wide absolute range & compensation for changing conditions)
    • Under-dosing
    • Hematocrit
    • Strip damage
    • Strip expiry
  • Accurate and fast results. The meter requires no more than 5 seconds to measure and delivers results that correlate with a lab test in an excellent way.
  • Blood sample. Only 0.6 micro litre of blood is required to run a blood glucose test.
  • Data handling. It offers up to 500 values in memory with time and date that keep track of your diabetes.
  • Test averaging. The meter provides 7-,14-, and 30-day test averaging.
  • Test reminders. Users can set up to 4 automatic reminders for different times throughout the day.
  • Data transfer. The meter has an infrared port enabling you to download stored test results to a computer with Accu-Chek Smart Pix device.
  • Automatic coding. The code chip allows for expired test strip alerts. Furthermore, it programs the meter automatically and updates selected meter features as valuable technological upgrades become available.
How To Use
Blood drop symbol
Hourglass symbol

Preparing Accu Chek Performa 
Insert a test strip in direction of the arrow to switch the meter on. The meter automatically performs safety checks, such as a strip integrity check – so fast that you do not even realise it. Verify that the code number on the display matches the code number on the test strip container. The test strip and the blood drop symbol appear on the display.

Measuring the blood glucose values 
As soon as you touch the end of the test strip the blood will be absorbed very quickly. Fast complementary safety checks are performed automatically. The hourglass symbol starts flashing when the meter has detected enough blood. If necessary, more blood can be applied within 5 seconds. The result appears in the display after 5 seconds and is automatically stored with time and date in the memory.

In addition to fingertip testing, the Accu-Chek Performa system can be used for testing on alternative sites, including the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf.1 Alternative site testing requires the use of a special lancet cap.

For more information on how to use your meter, please see your Accu-Chek Performa Owner’s Booklet

1 Talk with your doctor to decide whether alternative site testing is right for you.

Product Detail Overlay - Strips

Accu-Chek Performa test strips are part of the system that carries out intelligent safety checks.

6 gold electrodes. 
The test strip electrodes work with the system technology and code key to perform extensive quality checks such as strip integrity checks prior to each test – so fast you do not even realise it.

Expiry warning.
The test strip expiry warning offers additional convenience and safety.

Temperature and humidity compensation.
The Accu-Chek Performa test strip adjusts to heat, cold and humidity to ensure accurate measuring.

Tiny blood sample.
Accu-Chek Performa test strips only require a tiny 0.6 micro litre sample for a blood glucose measurement. This makes lancing less painful as you can use a lower penetration depth. Furthermore, a smaller blood sample reduces the likelihood of under-dosing.

Re-dosing capability.
The system indicates if more blood is needed and permits re-dosing within 5 seconds.

Fast capillary fill.
The strip uses a super-fast-fill capillary window which acts like a funnel to help draw blood into the strip quickly, making dosing more convenient for the user.

The strips wide Y-capillary allows easier targeting of the sample, which is particularly important for patients with dexterity problems.

Advice: When you take a test strip from the vial make sure you close it immediately afterwards to preserve strip quality.