Clixmotion® Technology ensures controlled movement. | Accu-Chek
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Clixmotion® Technology ensures controlled movement.

n the skin, the lancet is brought to a gentle stop, referred to as Soft Stop, and then actively retracted immediately in a linear motion. This fast, controlled motion is noticeably easier on the skin.

Gentle through and through

Special cut of the lancet

Each Accu-Chek® lancet has a tapered 3-sided cut with optimized angles - the result of exhaustive research. This special cut of the lancet and its smooth, polished surface mean that skin penetration is virtually friction-free and especially gentle.

Fast penetration speed

The Accu-Chek lancet takes no more than about 2 milliseconds to penetrate the skin. This noticeably reduces the sensation of pain because the shorter the penetration time, the fewer nerve fibers are irritated.

Individual penetration depth settings

All Accu-Chek lancing devices feature variable penetration depths to suit individual skin types. The lancet can thus be set to penetrate only as deep as necessary. This stimulates fewer nerve fibers and minimizes tissues damage - making blood sampling gentle and easier on the skin.


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